Online Bingo; The Art and Science of Playing and Winning the Game

By 24 July 2021

Online Bingo is as easy to play as its offline version. Sensing the popularity of this card-based game, many online casinos such as have started offering Bingo in their game inventory. You can play this game for fun and money with your friends, family and even strangers. Read on to unlock the secrets of this game.

How to play online Bingo?

Go to one of the several online Bingo rooms, create your account and begin playing. This game is played on Bingo cards; every player can play on one or several cards. Bingo cards can be generated online easily. Each card carries 25 square boxes containing random numbers. These boxes are arranged in rows and columns.

  • If you are playing for real money, never lay bets on public Wi-Fi
  • You can learn Bingo by watching videos

These boxes are arranged under the word 'BINGO' typed on the top portion of the card. B would have 5 boxes underneath, so would I and so on. Every player has different numbers in those square boxes, so there can only be one winner. You have to line up all the correct boxes vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

First Steps in Bingo

The game starts by the RNG rolling out random letter combinations. RNG or Random Number Generator is a computer programme that replaces the caller of the offline Bingo. An example of a letter combination could be I-2. This means all those boxes under I whose numbers total 2 have to be tick-marked.

Boxes under I that carry 20, 11, 02, 2 are the right ones to be ticked. This letter-combination exercise continues until the first player gets all his boxes right. This player is the winner, and is he is playing for money, wins the money. Online Bingo games come with different kinds of bonuses.

How to win in online Bingo?

Many online Bingo rooms offer progressive jackpot tournaments to their players. The size of the pot keeps increasing with every new player coming in. Several studies have shown that it takes a lot of effort and time to win these tournaments. With so many people coming in, your chances of winning are really very low.

Calculate your winning odds by dividing the number of cards that you hold by the total number available. Most online Bingo rooms display the latter figure, so calculating odds is quite easy. If you have 5 cards and the total number in Bingo room is 100, your odds are 5/100. In fractions , it is 0.05.

  • Get a Match Deposit Bonus by signing up on a Bingo casino
  • You can also get No Deposit Bonuses

Some important strategies

Never play in peak hour. Your chances of winning improve drastically when there are fewer people around. You might consider playing online Bingo during afternoons or during dawn. Secondly, avoid picking cards carrying duplicate numbers. This should improve your chances somewhat. Play with as many cards as you can. However, you need to manage all your numbers efficiently.

Suppose in an online Bingo room, there are 100 cards. If you have 5 , your odds are 5/100= 0.05. If you play with 10 cards, the probability of you winning the game goes up to 0.1. Note that there is no guarantee you will win your game simply because you have more cards. Only your odds go up.

  • Bingo is about luck and chance
  • There is now ay you can predict outcomes

Avoid these things

Set up a bankroll before laying your first bet. Bankroll means a budget. For example, if you have set aside 100 CAD as your budget, fix your risk limit. A good rule of the thumb is 3%. If on a particular day, you lose 3 CAD, step away from your game. Pull back when you start winning.

Online Bingo rooms have entrance fees or deposit fees. If the entry cost of a Bingo room is more than 3% of your budget, avoid it. If you can afford this loss, that's another story. Never ever rely on the so-called expert advice. Trust your instinct and play according to a tested strategy.